Avaya 4610SW IP Phone User Manual in PDF

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Avaya 4610SW IP Phone User Manual in PDFThe 4610SW IP Telephone is an innovative telephone that gives you access to the World Wide Web while offering the latest features and applications. The display area allows up to six application-specific buttons to be presented and labeled at one time. Additionally, six Line/Feature buttons and four softkeys provide access to powerful capabilities such as:

  • call server-based features,
  • speed dialing,
  • a Call Log, and
  • a WML (Wireless Markup Language, a Web development protocol) browser.

This last feature is covered in Chapter 5: Using the Web Access Application. The WML browser provides access to Web sites tailored specifically for devices with smaller display screens like cell phones and Personal Data Assistants.

In addition to these features and applications, the 4610SW provides a robust menu of options to customize your phone preferences.

Your telephone’s display area coincides with how your System Administrator sets up the Line/Feature buttons. On the phone itself, these features provide ease of use and flexibility:

  • 4 softkeys (which assist you in using the 4610SW applications and features),
  • 14 standard (labeled) buttons (which assist in telephone operation and call handling), and
  • a built-in, two-way Speaker.

You can also attach the telephone to an adjustable stand, to optimize your viewing position.

The following diagram illustrates the face of the 4610SW IP Telephone, and contains numbered “callouts” which identify the phone’s primary features and buttons. If you are viewing this guide online, you can click the callout to jump to the corresponding feature or button description. Otherwise, each callout is described in detail in Table 1, which follows the diagram.

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