Avaya 9610 User Manual in PDF

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Avaya 9610 User Manual in PDF

Because the 9610 is a single line phone, the user cannot transfer or conference calls, or put an active call on hold.

The 9610 does not have a phone screen like other 9600 Series IP Telephones. There are two application buttons – Start and Contacts. There are no “A” or Call Log buttons, Speaker or Mute buttons. The Web browser application is supported.

The Main Menu (MM) on the Start screen is an administrable list of “objects” from which a user can select a new application that is either local to the telephone or on an external server, or an outgoing call. Underlying Main Menu content administration directs the telephone to take action applicable to the given selection. The default Main Menu consists of Contacts and Directory, assuming they have been appropriately administered. The Main Menu displays when the telephone first powers up or resets.

The Contacts Application provides functionality similar to the other models but only to launch a call to a contact. Contacts cannot be edited, deleted or added.

The Idle Application displays when both a Web Idle Timer and the Idle application have been administered and the timer expires. For example, if the Idle application has been set to “Contacts,” when the Web Idle Timer expires the 9610 display changes to the Contacts application. The Idle application is either one of the existing local applications (Menu or Directory) or a URL, depending on the contents of IDLEAPP.

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