Avaya 9650 User Manual in PDF

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Avaya 9650 User Manual in PDFThe Avaya 9650 IP handset is similar to the 9630 and 9640 but it works slightly differently and is cheaper.  Where the 9630G and 9640G have 6 buttons with corresponding items displayed next to them, the 9650 is somewhat of a traditional and modern hybrid.  It offers 3 buttons next to the screen as well as 8 buttons below the screen that you easily toggle to see the flashing status of 16 programmable buttons at a glance with the information relating to each digitally displayed on the large screen above.  For staff answering and transferring a lot of calls this is actually easier to use.  The only other difference is the gigabit support is achieved with an adaptor as opposed to integrated.

If you need more buttons you can easily add a 12 button LCD DSS console (36 programmable buttons in total) that takes viewing up to 70 users.  If the phone is for a larger reception environment we suggest the use of a PC attendant that makes the job easier again and everything is done with the click of a mouse, not on the phone. The 9650 comes in a greyscale option as well as the 9650C with colour screen.  The 9650 also comes in a range of handset colour offerings with grey, red, yellow, blue, white and silver currently available.


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