Behringer Xenyx 1002b User Manual in PDF

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Behringer xenyx 1002b PDF manualWith the added capability to be powered by batteries, you can manage all your audio signals easily with the Behringer Xenyx 1002B mixer. Featuring 10 input channels with one pre- and post-fader auxiliary send on each channel, the Xenyx 1002B is equally suited for studio or live use. To handle your input sources, you get five mic preamps, a total of six stereo channels with dual 1/4″ inputs, two mono 1/4″ inputs, and CD/tape inputs and outputs with RCA connections. Balanced 1/4″ outputs are ready to send your mix to your sound system or studio monitors. Use the included power supply or power the 1002B with 9V batteries for field use (two batteries for normal operation, three to use phantom power). If you need an efficient and easy way to mix your audio, check out the Behringer Xenyx 1002B.

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