Nikon D100 User Manual in PDF

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Nikon D100 User ManualCompatible Lenses: D-type/G-type AF Nikkor: All functions possible; P-type Manual-Focus Nikkor: All functions except autofocus possible; AF Nikkor other than D-type/G-type: All functions possible except 3D Matrix Metering; AI-P Nikkor: All functions except 3D Matrix Metering and autofocus possible; Non-CPU: Usable in [M] mode (camera’s built-in exposure meter does not work). Electronic Rangefinder usable with lens with maximum aperture of f/5.6 or faster; IX-Nikkors: cannot be used.

3D Digital Matrix Image Control: 3D Digital Matrix Image Control for optimum results, ensuring faithful color reproduction with smooth gradation. 10-segment Matrix Metering; Three Color Modes: Photographers can choose from one of three color modes.

Flash: Built-in pop-up Speedlight features D-TTL flash operation. Flash sync speed up to 1/180 sec. 30 second long exposures.

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