Lantech is widely considered to be the world leading company in the stretch wrapping technology. The company is the inventor of the first ever rotary stretch wrapping machine. This was innovated by the owners Pat Lancaster and Bill in the year 1972. Since then, they have constantly re-invented this product over time and introduced new performance enhancing technology and new features. They have also pioneered the idea of pre-stretching the film, which can cut costs by half and also reduce film usage. Such innovations have led them to be awarded with 100 US patents. Lantech is an industry leader in robust case and tray handling equipment. Their client list also extends worldwide with support available in multiple languages.

The Q-300 turntable is one the offerings of Lantech. It is a stretch-wrapping turntable machine, which offered a lower profile ramp to facilitate pallet jack loading. It is designed in such a way, which makes it safe and encloses sharp edges and wires. The risk of product crushing is minimized through the counter weighted belt.

Some key features and specifications of this Lantech Q-300 stretch wrapping are discussed here. It can be customized with many options, which are available to tailor and enhance this machine for specific needs. The capacity of the machine is 25-35 loads in an hour and it has a micro-controller, which is built in, and a design, which will provide ease of operation. The sealed bearings are permanently lubricated and can reduce maintenance requirements. It has a 48” race, which provides balance turntable support with controllable wrapping force variable. Speed of the turntable is 1-12 R.P.M. and maximum load weight of 4000 pounds. It has a carriage with counter weight roll and a warranty of 5-years, unlimited cycle. The film capacity of 10” Roll Diameter and wrap height can be extended up to 110”. It can operate in colder temperatures and corrosive environments. The conveyor is non-powered and also has a feature of Auto Film Cut-Off.

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