The Murray brand is a well-known name in the lawn and garden equipment world. It has been around for more than 90 years, making it experienced and seasoned. Their branding is “Get it done. Go have fun.” Small engines from world leading engine producers, Briggs and Stratton exclusively power them. These engines of Briggs and Stratton are industry accepted as some of the highest selling engines worldwide. Murray produces a variety of products such as string trimmers, EQ Petrol Lawn Mowers, Rear Discharge Mowers and Side Discharge Mowers.

String trimmers are also known as weed hackers or weed eaters. Using a gas string trimmer becomes necessary to reach the grass and weeds that a normal lawn mower cannot reach. You can choose a gas model for your larger properties that have tall grass or weeds, which might possibly choke a lawn mower. It is an ideal tool to keep the edges of your lawns neat and also for manicuring around tree trucks and fence poles.

Murray M2500 String Trimmer is a shaft string trimmer. It has a curved shaft, which makes it easier to maneuver. The design ensures more convenience for keeping the cutting head with regards to the ground. It is also a gas-powered trimmer. This type is the most common kind of string trimmer. They are quite loud, so you would need hearing protection. However, they can be made to go anywhere it is required. It can also run indefinitely if you can keep adding fuel. Fuel stabilizer should be added to the gas right before storage for a prolonged time. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

The Murray M2500 is just as comparable to a gas tool, but does not require as much maintenance. It has a balanced handling which makes it easy to maneuver in tighter spots and swing around. The dual-line bump feed can trim tall grass quickly.

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Murray M2500 String Trimmer User Manual