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An Introduction to IGT Slot Machines

by Manuel
An Introduction to IGT Slot Machines

International Game Technology designed and manufactured slot machines, covering most Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, and many other highly ranked casinos around the country. This manufacturer’s three most popular slot machines are S-PLUS, S-2000, Vision, and Reel Touch. These machines weigh at least 250 pounds, so special care and transportation arrangement is necessary to prevent personal injury and property damage. Additionally, because of the weight, it is recommended that the slot machine’s foundation be flat and solid to ensure optimal machine operation.

Differences Between S-PLUS, S-2000, Vision and Reel Touch Slot Machines

The S-PLUS represents the older generation of IGT slot machines. Therefore these are much simpler to operate and maintain than some of the others from the series. The reliability and dependability of the S-PLUS are what made it a popular choice for restoration and prolonged use. It is pretty easy to identify an S-PLUS machine, as they all have six-digit serial codes on the right-hand side.

S-2000 is the current generation of IGT slot machines. Their main advantage is the flexibility in terms of upgradeability and customization options. S-2000 being a modern slot machine comes with a long list of features, including coinless mode, ticket printing options, reels that have their backlighting, and more. In addition, this slot machine has a seven-digit serial code located on the left-hand side for identification.

Vision slot machines are pretty similar to S-2000, with one significant difference being the monitor’s position—It’slocated on the top-most glass surface. In addition, the Vision slot machines have advanced audio effects and plenty of bonus games to try them out.

The Reel Touch, as its name suggests, is a slot machine that features a touch-enabled display. This function alone has provided some flexibility to the gameplay style of the mini-games. Appearance-wise, the Reel Touch series resembles S-2000, sharing some of the innards as well.

Most Common Issues with IGT Slot Machines

There are specific issues users reported during extended use of slot machines which we will cover here.

Power issues can occur in all slot machines, with the most common solution being a routine check. The electrical cable runs from the electrical box placed behind the hopper so that some connection issues might occur there. If the connection seems firm and the other end of the cable gets plugged into the outlet socket, the power supply might be having issues.

Bill acceptors can seem picky about bills that get inserted as credit, but the issue is more than likely related to the scanner head. This unit needs to get cleaned regularly, so it is best to contact an official service technician to prevent any damage to the scanner head if this is an issue.

Sometimes the slot door of the slot machine seems to have trouble closing completely. It is important not to push on the door too hard in an attempt to close it forcefully. The solution might be as simple as turning the machine off and lubricating the mechanism with some lithium-based grease to decrease friction in metal on metal contact.