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An Overview of the Universal Slot Machine

by Manuel
An Overview of the Universal Slot Machine

The Universal slot machine is designed for indoor use, indicating that you should install it as far as possible from outside effects such as sunlight, abnormal humidity, dust, excessive vibrations, and similar. The slot machine stand should get made out of hard material such as tiling, and the recommendation is that the surface is as flat as possible. Once the foundation surface is good to go, the Universal slot machine should have four bolts to secure it from tipping over during use.

A typical Universal slot machine comes in at 53 inches in height, 25 inches in total width (including the handle), and 19 inches in depth.

Setting Up Procedure

Before plugging the Universal machine into a wall outlet, it is essential to check the housing for any exterior damage that might have occurred during transportation. This check includes reviewing all connectors and the free spin of the reels. The ground wire provided with the machine has to connect to the ground at all times. Once these initial checks get completed, the device can be plugged in and turned on. The machine will initiate a self-test procedure, indicating any issues with a correlated error message. They range from low voltage, battery polarity, or coin jams and door open errors and are two-digit long to correspond to the official user manual. In most cases, the machine will show no mistakes, and in that case, it is ready for slot machine gameplay action out of the box.

Common Issues and Solutions

Specific issues affect most Universal slot machines, and we will cover some of the most frequent ones here. Lamps are common to burn out over an extended period of constant use (several years), which is the most common issue. Bulbs can get easily replaced by removing the front part of the housing. It is a general recommendation to replace all bulbs once a couple of them burn out after a certain period.

If the machine keeps returning inserted coins, the coin selector is likely filthy or out of alignment. Rarely, the coin lockout coil might have imperfect electrical contact, showing the same issue.

Error 21 is a common occurrence, and it is an error indicating an obstruction in the coin switch area. Check the site for said obstruction, and if there is none, the issue is most likely related to the sensor located in the coin switch that induces the wrong error message.

Sometimes, the reel might appear to stay stationary, even when the handle got pulled. There is a lever, and its spring mounts onto the handle. If one of these two elements is out of position, the reel will not rotate once the handle gets pulled.