Pachislo, a word play of Slot Machine and Pachinko, is one of those authentic Skill Stop Japanese machines that come packed with animated LED displays, electronic sounds and flashing lights. Gambling is illegal in Japan, so a Pachislo has far more regulations around it then your standard Gonzo’s quest within a Western Casino like

But don’t think that the regulation limited the industry of slog machines in Japan, because it didn’t. This approach created several new sub-industries around the Pachislo. First of all, the machines are not operated with coins, but rather with tokens that are later exchanged for prizes, which opened up the industry of customized tokens (similar to poker chips). Fans are collecting different types of tokens, since every Casino can implement their own design.

Second, the Japanese regulation states that a Pachislo can’t be used within a Casino Parlor for longer then 24 months, where the common norm is to sell it after 20 months. This pushed the used Pachislo market even further, since fans could now own several devices within their home, as private collectors.

Most of the machines look and feel almost as new when they leave the Casino, and since the games are quit addictive, some owners state that they enjoy them more at home, where the spending limit is within their control, then in a Casino.

When it comes to troubleshooting these machines, private collectors that specialise in retro models have it harder, since most of these machines come without the original user manual. A good example would be the Angel Fire Pachislo model from 2003.

This is why we’re here. Below you can find the manual in PDF, together with all the troubleshooting steps needed to bring your machine back in action.