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Although Behringer is headquartered in Germany, the company’s story starts in a small town in Switzerland. In 1997, a teenage boy named Uli Behringer was so fascinated with musical instruments that he built his own synthesizer, the UB1. His musical interests continued to grow, and in 1982, he moved to Dusseldorf, Germany to study classical piano and sound engineering. Around that time, European pro-audio manufacturers limited their products to esoteric, high-end buyers. Behringer’s mission was to change this, and in 1988, the company released one of the most affordable dynamic processors at the time, the Studio Exciter Type F. In 1990, Behringer relocated its manufacturing plants to mainland China where labor costs were significantly lower compared to West Germany, which in return lowered the cost of most, if not all of its products. The company focused its efforts on developing powerful sound processors, a strategy that bore fruition in the mid 90’s. By 1996, their COMPOSER series of compressors became the best-selling line of sound compressors of all time, cementing Behringer’s reputation in building sophisticated gear at lower price tags. Today, Behringer’s product lineup includes studio starter equipment like MIDI controllers, condenser microphones, and headphones. It also manufactures audio interfaces, guitar amps and high-fidelity monitors. Starting 2016, the German audio company ventured into drum machines and synthesizers as well. Behringer is notably invested in creating professional live performance equipment such as DJ mixers and controllers, supporting beginner DJ’s with affordable equipment. In 2013, the Behringer X32 was recognized as the industry’s “Best Live Sound Console” at the annual Prolight + Sound event.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder the company has so many products out there, from new to used. Finding the right documentation can be difficult, especially in the English language. This is the reason why we opened up a section dedicated to Behringer User Manuals, where you can view or download each PDF.