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Best Free and Paid PDF Readers for Android Phones

by Ryder Lund
Best Android PDF Readers

Android is a very versatile operating system that provides a multitude of options and features on many different kinds of devices. This includes ways to view PDFs and other book and document files on the go. There are many of these PDF reader apps available for those with Android devices, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Some of these apps are just simple readers meant for opening PDFs quickly and easily, while others include more advanced features and editing capabilities. Whether on a tablet or a phone, whether you just want to view PDFs or work with them professionally, there should be an app that fits your needs.

Of the many apps available, I’ve narrowed it down to three that I think are the best options. This guide will walk you through each of them and give a brief overview of what they do and what makes them “the best”.

Top Choice: Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

As a PDF reader, one of the best things about Xodo are the many options it has for displaying PDFs. Perhaps the most useful one it has for those using phones is Reading Mode. This mode “reflows” the text and images in a way that better fits on small screens, making PDFs easier to view.

Another useful feature is the different color modes that Xodo provides, like night mode which inverts the colors. As PDFs are most often black text on a white background, this inversion can make reading easier on your eyes at night or in other low light viewing situations. A sepia color mode and several customizable color modes are available as well.

Xodo also offers several editing features, including annotation tools for adding and altering text and images. Cloud storage options like Google Drive and tools for online signing and collaboration are available, too.

Second Choice: Adobe Acrobat Reader

From the creators of the PDF, Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is an app that you could say “just works”. The interface is easy to use and useful reading features like night mode and text reflow are available. Other features include annotation tools, and the ability to fill forms and sign documents. With a free account you can also use the Adobe Document Cloud to share documents and sync changes online.

Third Choice: Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

Foxit’s PDF Reader is another fully featured free app, providing much of the same features as others, like text reflow and the ability to open password protected PDFs; as well as annotation features like underlining text and adding comments. Foxit also offers cloud storage and their own ConnectedPDF feature for online collaboration.

Both Adobe and Foxit can also give you access to more advanced features with a paid account, while Xodo has all of its features available for free. Though Xodo was the top pick, any of these apps should give you a great experience when viewing PDFs on your Android phone or tablet without spending a dime.