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D-Link Corporation is a Taiwanese multinational networking products manufacturer with headquarters in Taipei. The organization’s offerings are geared towards the networks and communications market. Its business products encompass switches, firewalls, iSCSI SANs, business wireless, and surveillance cameras. Additionally, the company’s consumer products cover broadband devices, wireless devices as well as digital home devices that include storage, media players, and NVR. D-Link was founded in 1986 as Datex Systems Inc. and went public in 1994, becoming the first Taiwanese networking company on the Taiwanese Stock exchange. The organization released the industry’s first peer-to-peer LANSmart Networking Operating System that ran simultaneously with earlier networking systems like Netware and TCP/IP. This software launched the company to global success since the designs were the only ones supported by network operating systems. In 2007, the corporation was classified as the leading networking company globally in the small to medium business segment with a 22% market share. Moreover, it became a market leader of Wi-Fi product shipments by earning a 33% share of the total market. Its worldwide success was enhanced by the unveiling of D-Link’s flagship draft 802.11ac wireless AC1750 Dual-Band Router in 2013 by reaching the fastest wireless throughput ever tested. In 2020, D-Link reached an agreement with Qisda to transfer its subsidiary Alpha Networks Inc at the cost of 88.84 million shares. The move was aimed at giving D-Link extra working capital while allocating Qisda a percentage of its domestic and foreign networking market share. The company is publicly traded on the TSEC and NSE stock exchanges.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder the company has so many products out there, from new to used. Finding the right documentation can be difficult, especially in the English language. This is the reason why we opened up a section dedicated to D-Link User Manuals, where you can view or download each PDF.