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Although mostly known for its line-up of InkJet printers that have been dominating the consumer technology market for years, Epson has originally started off back in 1942 by developing watches for the Seiko Group. One of the key moments in their history are the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The event needed a reliable timer to time the different events being hosted, and Epson was assigned to create a device that could track and print the time, which they successfully delivered. That task created their connection between time pieces and the printing industry as we know it of today. Thanks to their expansion within the demanding industry of watch movements, the company soon established itself on the market of high-precision and micromechatronics technologies. That same investment led them to other product categories like television sets, personal computers, digital cameras, projectors, and so on. Soon after the company went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, trading under the name SEKEY since 2003. Today, Epson is still innovating within their primary product categories that involve micromechatronics, including robotics, as well as smart glasses. Their most recent innovations include the Epson Moverio BT-2000 Smart Glasses, as well as the launch SureColor SCP10000 Ink Printer that stores to 10 colors and prints up to 44 inches.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder the company has so many products out there, from new to used. Finding the right documentation can be difficult, especially in the English language. This is the reason why we opened up a section dedicated to Epson User Manuals, where you can view or download each PDF.