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How to Use and Maintain a Slot Machine

by Manuel
How to Use and Maintain a Slot Machine

Generally speaking, most slot machines operate by similar principles, so that this manual gets used as a general guide for any slot machine. Specific features such as coin overflow containers might or might not come with particular devices, but you can easily add these in some cases. If the slot machine arrived in its original packaging, or someone made an effort to protect it during shipping by using foam and a thick cardboard box, preserving this material is a good idea for long-term use. Many service technicians would not accept slot machines for repairs if they were packaged poorly for shipping.

Setting the Slot Machine Up for Operation

Slot machines operate best when set on flat surfaces, preventing movement of the device, which can cause connections inside to come loose over time. Machines made post-1970s were all electrically powered, so the logical first step is to plug the device into the standard 110V electrical outlet. A power switch should be located somewhere on the back of the machine. Once switched on, some lights on the slot machine should start to flash, such as the “No Credit” label or something similar. If there are no signs of the device turning on, this might indicate the power source faults; this needs a check-up before continuing. If some lights are flashing, the machine is operating at its most basic level.

How to Check Other Machine Functions

There are several devices to be checked on a slot machine. First, to check if the buttons work, you can put some credit or coins into the slot machine and going through them, starting with the credit play button, collect button, and the stop buttons. If the device forwards the coins through and does not accept them as credit, the coin acceptor might get misaligned with the coin entry funnel. Second, free play allows seamless machine testing, as it will automatically credit while illuminating the replay light. Finally, if some of the lights appear not to be working, you can swap them out by pulling the front fascia of the slot machine and accessing the bulb holders. The recommendation is to swap out all old bulbs for new ones as even the operational ones might go out sooner than later.

How to Reset a Slot Machine

If the machine seems to be working poorly or shows signs of problems not discussed here, it is best to try and reset it. The slot machine has two stages of reset function. First, malfunctions with the coin acceptor or hoppers get resolved by inserting the key into the lock and turning it counter-clockwise. This action initiates the minor reset of the machine that initializes some of its components. Next, a full reset can get performed for significant issues by switching the main power off, and the reset switches to on. After this, switch the main electric power on, and depress the reel handle just one time. After releasing the grab handle, the reset switch needs to be off, completing the reset procedure.