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Huawei is a Chinese international technology company with its headquarters in Guangdong, China, and it designs, manufactures and sells consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, and different smart devices. Starting out by manufacturing phone switches, the technology corporation has expanded its business to comprise developing telecommunications networks, offering consulting and operational equipment and services to enterprises within and outside of China. Ren Zhengfei founded the company with five other investors in 1987 in Shenzhen after his stint as a deputy director of the People’s Liberation Army engineering corps. During its initial years, the corporation’s business model comprised primarily of reselling private branch exchange (PBX) switches imported from Hong Kong which it reverse-engineered. It also invested considerably in research and development to develop its technologies. By 1990 Huawei had about 600 R&D staff and started independently commercialising PBX switches targeting small enterprises and hotels. The corporation’s first significant success was in 1993 when it launched its C&C08 programme controlled telephone switch, which enabled it to gain market share by first deploying in rural areas and smaller cities and emphasising service and customisability, In May 2003, the technology corporation partnered with 3Com on a joint venture known as H3C, focusing on enterprise networking equipment, marking 3Com’s re-entry into the high-end switch market and core routers. Likewise, the company started a joint venture with Symantec Corporation in 2007, aiming to offer end-to-end network data security and storage solutions.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder the company has so many products out there, from new to used. Finding the right documentation can be difficult, especially in the English language. This is the reason why we opened up a section dedicated to Huawei User Manuals, where you can view or download each PDF.