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InkEvolved Reveals Rebranding with PrinterHeadlines

by Manuel
InkEvolved Rebrands to PrinterHeadliens

Whatever the case may be, InkEvolved has made it their top priority to help users find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. After experiencing their mixed bag of projects throughout the years, these four friends decided to launch a unique Helpdesk dedicated only to printers and printer troubleshooting.

It has been three years since they first launched the site that has helped tens of thousands of users, and for the big milestone, they announced that significant changes would be happening to the site. Specifically, that they are rebranding and that InkEvolved will now be known as PrinterHeadlines.

Revitalizing Social Media

A different name is not the only change that will be happening within the following months. In light of the situation and keeping us with the times, InkEvolved promised to lift their social media pages from the ashes. Although they have an open Facebook page, they would like to devote some more time to creating new content that will help bring the printer community loser together.

While they are revitalizing social media, they will also be refreshing the website to boost the overall user experience. Keeping this in mind, they decided to switch up some technicalities, starting with the platform that they’ve been using. They’ve been working on an unmanaged WordPress platform. They are testing out the managed solution from Kinsta and have also decided to go with the tagDiv platform to change things up.

Printer troubleshooting is a mixed bag. Sometimes, you cant get the software to work with the hardware. Other times, you need help finding the right cartridges for a particular model.– The InkEvolved team 

Reaching A Broader Audience

InkEvolved, or now PrinterHeadlines, want more than just a place to go for troubleshooting, so four new members join the team. Although the members will indeed have their fair share of troubleshooting content to write, they will also be looking into providing visitors general content related to printers and printing. So visitors can now expect tutorials, news, manuals, and more.

Expect drawing in a broader audience through various topics; more people will come to the site due to the new printer brands covered. The original printers they’ve been covering for the last three years are Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon. Accompanying those partners are Lexmark, Konica, Dymo, and Ricoh.

At this time, InkEvolved has over 1000 articles published that visitors use daily to find the answers to their printer questions and concerns. With the latest upgrades, we have full right to expect a lot from PrinterHeadlines and the team behind it.