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The Eastman Kodak Company is famous for producing roll film cameras that revolutionized the modern era of consumer photography. Today, the American company provides functional printing, packaging, graphic communications, and professional services. Before its worldwide growth, George Eastman established Kodak in 1888 to sell inexpensive cameras, film, chemicals, and paper. Its first product, the Kodak #1 camera was also the critical product that brought success. Kodak #1 made photography widely accessible to the general public, thanks to its low cost and ease of use. Its users had to send the camera back to the company to produce the photos, jumpstarting the amateur photography market. In 1900, the company released the Kodak Brownie, a cheaper but improved version of Kodak #1. With Brownie, users could remove the film container and send the film to the company instead of the whole camera. Kodak continued innovating devices for photography and home video in the years to follow. By 1975, it developed the first handheld digital camera, but it was discontinued because it threatened Kodak’s primary income – photographic film manufacturing. This move was a sign of Kodak’s inability to anticipate the quick shift from film to digital, reflecting the company’s declining sales in the 2000s. It pushed Kodak to change its strategy and focus on other businesses. It began manufacturing home printers, commercial inkjet presses, workflow software, and packaging. These grew into Kodak’s core businesses today. The Eastman Kodak Company entered the New York Stock Exchange as “KODK” in 2013. Kodak stopped producing digital cameras and pocket video cameras in 2012 because of the rise in digital technology. In 2020, it took a federal loan to become a pharmaceutical ingredients producer.

With such a rich history, it’s no wonder the company has so many products out there, from new to used. Finding the right documentation can be difficult, especially in the English language. This is the reason why we opened up a section dedicated to Kodak User Manuals, where you can view or download each PDF.