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[Review] Kofax Power PDF Software

by Ryder Lund
Kofax Nuance PDF Reader Review

Formerly known as Nuance Power PDF, Kofax’s Power PDF software was designed with business users in mind, putting emphasis on features like file conversion and OCR. Like most PDF software suites, Kofax Power PDF sees Adobe as their main competitor, highlighting that their one time payment model makes them less expensive in the long run than Adobe’s yearly payments.


  • Has an easy to use, intuitive user interface
  • One time purchase rather than recurring
  • Features on par with Adobe for a lower price

  • No free version
  • Only available on Windows and Mac systems

What Kofax Power PDF does best

Kofax’s software is designed mainly for businesses and as such excels in business related use cases. For example, taking scanned documents and using OCR to make their text editable. Kofax Power PDF also has all the other tools you’d expect with PDF editing software, with an easy to use interface for using them.

Power PDF’s user interface is specifically what’s known as a ribbon style interface, made to be similar to Microsoft Office’s. This makes it intuitive to use in general, but especially so for those used to working with programs like Word and Excel. It’s also very customizable, allowing users to tweak the interface as needed. Together these things help make working on documents a quick and easy process.


In addition to Power PDF’s main feature of usability, it provides a multitude of editing, security, scanning and conversion features. For editing, Power PDF has the capability to edit PDFs similar to how you would in a word processor. There are also the usual tools for annotation along with ones for adding things like pictures, checkboxes and stamps. You can even make a table of contents for a PDF that doesn’t already have one.

Security features are especially important for businesses or anyone working with sensitive data. Kofax Power PDF has a variety of tools for securing PDFs, including the usual password protection, as well as through Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management System and with tools that can restrict network connections.

With Kofax’s OCR tools you can both make already existing scanned documents editable PDFs and directly scan paper documents into PDF files. Power PDF also has tools for converting PDFs to commonly used formats like those for Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as well as converting these file types to PDF.

All these features and more are available for the Standard edition of Kofax Power PDF. The Advanced edition of Power PDFs includes all these features as well as tools for signing PDFS and sending signatures, redacting sensitive information, collaborating over a network to edit and create PDFs, and for automating the creation of PDF files.


Kofax’s Power PDF Standard has both a Windows and Mac edition which costs $129 for a perpetual licence. Power PDF Advanced has a perpetual licence available for $179.

As Kofax advertises, this ends up being a significant savings over Adobe’s pricing model for long term use. All versions of Power PDF offer a free trial that can be downloaded as well.

What users have to say about Kofax Power PDF

People have lots of good things to say about Kofax Power PDF, one of the most common being praising its user interface as intuitive and easy to use. This ease of use translates to getting work on PDFs done faster and better productivity.

Other positives cited include the options for converting files to PDF and for creating new PDFs. Some users also really liked the OCR features, saying they’re among the best they’ve used; although others have found them a bit lacking compared to others like Adobe and Abbyy FineReader.

One user left a review saying that their company purchased licenses for download not realizing there was a limited amount of time to download them and were unable to get a response from customer support about it.

Software details

Kofax Power PDF is available on Windows systems in Standard and Advanced editions. Just the Standard edition is available for macOS systems with all the features of Windows Standard version and a few extra. There are not any mobile apps available.

Bottom line

While Kofax Power PDF doesn’t particularly shine above the competition, it is robust PDF software that comes with many great features at a reasonable price.

Our score: ★★★★☆ 4/5