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Ticket2Go TITO Printer System Manual

by Manuel
Ticket2Go TITO Printer System Manual

Best TITO (Ticket In Ticket Out) printers get designed with special assignments in mind. Once set up, these printers are to work automatically, reporting to a central computer to handle all the data or, perhaps, invalid tickets for reimbursing the customers and more. JCM-FutureLogic‘s mission was always to provide custom-made solutions which can be installed seamlessly into an existing machine or attached to legacy machines to improve ergonomics for the customers and the functionalities of existing hardware and devices for the owner of the establishment. The Ticket2Go system provides a series of AWP and Low Payout Machines solutions, whether these worked over a network or entirely independently.

Prerequisites for the Ticket2Go System

The machine is required to have at least ccTalk and Parallel Coin Mech as well as Bill Validators. In addition, there is side-fitting if the device is of the wrong size or has no option for internal mounting of the Ticket2Go system. Ethernet connectivity is present when installing a connected Ticket2Go system, serving as the bridge between the single machine and redemption terminal. With as many options for mounting and connecting to a central unit, the Ticket2Go system is perfect for both legacy and the latest digital gaming platforms.

Additional Features

The Ticket2Go system has several features built into its basic configuration, including the tailor-made ONYX printer and the Peripheral Hub. The ONYX printer prints out bar codes onto the ticket and can encrypt the code with 2D barcodes for offline use, increasing the security of the process regardless of being connected to a network. The Peripheral Hub intercepts and converts notifications related to credit payouts, preparing the information to be printed in a 1D style barcode. One of the more prominent features of the Ticket2Go system is its ability to payout tickets without being connected if required.

Ticket2Go System Is Designed For Both Legacy and Modern Machines

By introducing the ticketing system in casino games and slot machines, there is no chance for theft of coins as the system manages all information across tickets and barcodes. Furthermore, with multiple mounting options, Ticket2Go can be installed on outdated hardware, working independently, or it can get used to upgrade modern hardware and improve upon security and networking features. In case of networking outages, the machines upgraded with Ticket2Go can still operate regardless, which is another benefit of this system.