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[Review] Xodo PDF Reader

by Ryder Lund
Xodo PDF Reader Review

One of the more well known PDF readers and editors for Android and iOS, Xodo can now also be used on desktop devices through their web app. Editing, signing, sharing, annotating PDFs and more can be done through Xodo both on your phone and on your PC.


  • Wide array of features for both viewing and editing PDFs
  • Can be used on both mobile and desktop devices
  • Free and most features can be used without an account

  • Some of the tools and features can be confusing to use
  • Lacks some features that other PDF apps have

What Xodo PDF Reader does best

Despite starting out as being mainly just a mobile PDF reader, Xodo PDF Reader & Editor can do a lot more than the average PDF app. That being said, viewing PDFs is definitely where Xodo still shines. The Xodo mobile app offers several different viewing modes, of which reading mode is one of the most unique features.

Reading mode does what’s known as text reflow, meaning that text (and images) are rearranged in a way that should make the document easier to read and view, especially on smaller screens. This is very useful for PDFs with lots of text on one page that you would otherwise have to zoom and pan around to properly see all of.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor of course has editing capabilities as well, allowing you to do things like annotate PDFs, highlight text, fill out forms and sign documents on your phone or tablet. The web app also makes it possible to do these and more on a desktop system in your browser.


In addition to reading mode, the Xodo app offers a number of other viewing options. For viewing PDFs as they are, there are the usual single and double page display modes, along with an option for scrolling vertically rather than horizontally; more like you’d scroll on a web page.

There are also color modes for making viewing easier on the eyes, such as a sepia toned mode and an inverted color mode for night reading. There are several more color modes as well, ranging from bright blue to dark green, perhaps for contrast or just for fun. Each of these custom color modes can also be edited and adjusted to whatever background and text color you wish.

As for editing PDFs, there are a number of tools available in both the mobile and web apps even without creating an account. For working with existing text there are few different highlighter colors, an underline tool, squiggly line tool and a strikeout tool. Freehand pen marks and various shapes can be added to PDFs, as well as typed text and notes/annotations. Xodo can be used for filling out forms, adding your signature and sharing PDFs as well


Xodo itself is completely free for personal use both on mobile devices and online. The only potential use of Xodo that would cost money are some of the cloud storage options.

What users have to say about Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor has gotten lots of positive reviews, especially on the Android app store where it’s one of the highest rated PDF apps. Many reviewers find Xodo to be very user friendly, making it easy to navigate to and within PDFs. Some of the most well liked features are the reading mode and night mode, which can make viewing a PDF more like reading an ePub.

Xodo is not quite as popular on the Apple app store, although there are still quite a few users who enjoy using it. The viewing options, the overall interface and the ability to search through and annotate PDFs are some of the commonly cited positives.

Most of the negatives seem to be with the most recent update, saying that the toolbar cuts off part of the page being viewed and that some features don’t work properly. Some of these comments have been responded to by the developer and have been or are planned to be fixed.

Software details

Xodo is available as an app on Android through the Google Play store, on iOS devices through the Apple app store and on Windows phone and tablet devices through the Microsoft app store. Xodo is also available on Windows, Mac and Linux desktop computers through their web app and as a Chrome extension.

Bottom line

As a free app, Xodo is an amazing option for viewing PDFs on the go with their customizable viewing and for basic editing on nearly any device.

Our score: ★★★★☆ 4/5